While going through college I knew I wanted to do something in technology. A few of my military buddies had gotten me into a type of development, but I didn’t know the official name of it. At the time, my point of reference was a file ending in HTML

I knew I liked doing “THAT’, but didn’t know the name for what ‘THAT’ was. During this time of my technical exploration, the occupation of Front End Developer was still being defined. Even now the term Front End Developer can get blurred with backend development. …

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I’ve spent most of my life being afraid of individuals finding out I have a learning disability. I went to a speech therapist through most of my young school-age years. To this day, I still have a hard time pronouncing or even speaking certain words. It’s almost like my mouth can’t catch up to my brain. Googleing a word was not an option when I went to school. Try not getting picked on when you carry around a bulky electronic dictionary as a kid.

After fighting through school, college didn’t seem to be an option -So I joined the military…

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Let’s not sugar coat this. As a Front-End developer, there seem to be three main components that go together. HTML, CSS and Javascript. These items are the foundation of any front end developers toolbox. I know from experience HTML & CSS get blurred together as you are learning the foundations. Often HTML semantic structures are overlooked.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned Front-End Developer understanding these items is crucial for Accessibility. Having the correct HTML semantic structure can solve a large percentage of Accessibility related issues and reach users that account for individuals with:

  1. Physical Disabilities
  2. Cognitive Disabilities
  3. Deaf…

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Many of us have started down a path and have felt the need to move onto a new journey. In the technology industry, roles are becoming more defined. If you are choosing to move into the technology industry, these requirements can feel daunting. Competencies, such as Big data, AI, and different web development technologies may have come across your plate.

The pond is deep and vast in the technology industry, and starting on the right path can be a challenge. For now, let’s start with the commonly used terminologies you may come across in web development. …

Megan Krishnan

U.S. Veteran, Software Engineer, Artist

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